Ultra-fast computer build

It took me a few days to build a high-performance computing machine. Haven’t done this for 20 years. Now the beast is ready, and I am proud it is running. Main asset: a 64 core Threadripper PRO processor. This computer works like a cluster and allows me to run up to 128 calculations in parallel.

256 GB memory and 4 TB fast SSD storage complement the powerful processor. Several operating systems are installed and managed by Proxmox. First I installed water cooling, but it featured noisy fans, so I switched to a reliable Noctua air cooler. This works: even at 100% CPU usage, the temperature does not go beyond 75 degree Celsius on the CPU and the noise from the 8 fans is tolerable.
This computer enables the usage of various software packages, and all computation for which my laptop is too slow, like docking of >10’000 molecules.

If you consider building a similar computer, the following tutorials were helpful for me: